Goodyear Vintage Tires

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GOODYEAR Collector Tire Series

Kelsey Tire exclusively distributes vintage, classic whitewalls, classic radials and performance tires for the Goodyear Collector Tire Series. Kelsey Tires uses the original Goodyear mold designs to produce exact O.E.M. replacement tires. This series has over 80 tires spanning seven decades from the 1920s to the 1980s. Kelsey Tire has been distributing Goodyear Collector Tires for more than 40 years.

The 1920s to the 40s

Deluxe All-Weather
650/16 Deluxe All-Weather

Our Goodyear Diamond Tread tires put the first generation of Americans drivers on the road. These tires outfitted Ford's Model T through the Model A. The All Weather Balloon through the sculpted All Weather Deluxe, Goodyear designs reigned supreme with these vintage tires.

A pre World War II restoration just isn’t complete without these Goodyear tires. As much an industry standard of quality then as they are today. This unique Goodyear diamond tread pattern continues to represent the discerning collectors tire of choice for total authenticity.


Super Cushion White wall 4 1/4
    670/15 Super Cushion   

During the 1950s, the car industry emphasized speed and performance. America's auto companies introduced powerful powertrains suited for the returning Veterans. Goodyear met this challenge head-on producing the Super Cushion with its wide whitewalls, the Super Cushion Deluxe, and the Custom Super Cushion. These tires were O.E.M. for the Chrysler 300, '57 Chevy, the Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Corvette and the Buick Roadmaster.

During this era of whitewalls, Goodyear had you covered on size, ranging from 1 inch to 4 1/4. Click here to view our classic whitewall tires.

The 1960s the birth of the Muscle Car

F60/15 Goodyear Polyglas GT

Goodyear tires were O.E.M. for just about every Muscle Car! The Speedway Wide Tread, Blue Streak, Speedway 350, Speedway Wide Tread GT, Polyglas, & Polyglas GT Sixties. These tires were designed to accommodate the massive engines that powered the 60's Muscle Car.

Goodyear had the most desirable tire lineup for these classic performance badges; G.T.O., Wedge, Judge, Hemi, Side Oilers, Shelby's, A.A.R.'s, Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros, Z28, Daytona's, and Super birds.


P225-70-R15 Polysteel RWL Large Letters

In the Seventies, Goodyear refined their performance-focused designs. As the radial age was approaching, Goodyear led the way by designing tires for the evolution of R.T.S. suspension systems. In the 1970's, Goodyear developed the Steelgard, Custom Tread, Polysteel, and G.T. Radial.

These tires could be on found on the Ford Mustang Boss 429, Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454, the Plymouth Barracuda and the Pontiac Firebird.



Eagle GT
P255/60-R15 Eagle GT OWL

With the dawning of the "Eighties", vehicle platforms were changing. Automobile styling and overall package optics were rapidly unfolding for the worlds review. Goodyear, through its' advanced tire development team, marched in lock step with Detroit.

The eighties featured Eagle G.T., & the Eagle "Gatorback" for the Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z and the Pontiac Firebird Trans AM. The times were changing. Goodyear defined the road to excitement and customer appeal.