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Antique/Classic/Military Series

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Goodyear 800/14 Custom Super Cushion

2-1/4" White Wall

Chrysler 300 • ’57 Chevy • Buick Roadmaster • Ford Thunderbird • ’61-’64 Corvette. Power was at a premium in this era. The Goodyear Custom Super Cushion was up to the task. In fact, it reigned as the industry’s preferred original equipment tire throughout its illustrious product lifetime 1957 to 1964.

Construction: 4 Ply Polyester Tubeless
Original Equipment Years: '57 - '61

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Product Code CB655
Size 800/14
Rim Width 6.0"
Section Width 8.29"
Overall Diameter 28.67"
Rolling Circumference 90.07"
Rev./Mile 703
Tread Width 4.950"
Sidewall Design 2-1/4" W/W
Max Load 1620 lbs. @ 32 psi
Tire Weight 23 lbs
FOB CAMDENTON, MO. • (Prices are subject to change without notice.) • Prices effective 1/01/2023
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HTS code for Canada... HTS code 9966.00.00 for Antique Vehicle Parts. Tariff item 9966 allows for: The following vehicles, manufactured more than 25 years prior to the date of importation, and articles for use solely or principally with those vehicles. Knowing that the parts are not actually > 25 years old, but are designed for a vehicle > 25 years old, we can apply the benefits of tariff item 9966 to commodities and the duty is reduced to zero. IT SHOULD CLEARLY BE NOTED ON THE COMMERCIAL INVOICE THAT THE PARTS ARE FOR "ANTIQUE VEHICLES > 25 YEARS OLD"