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Goodyear F70/14 Custom Wide Tread

Red Stripe .350"

Goodyear Polyglas! Simply the pinnacle of hustle muscle rubber on the road. Detroit wrapped its arms around this one, with good reason. The polyester body plies wrapped with two circumferential belts of fiberglass controlled all the vigor your right foot and nerves could stand. As was often said “Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.” The vaunted Goodyear polyglas stood the test, and still does!

Construction: 2/2 Polyglas
Original Equipment Years: '68 - '69

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Price per tire: $375.00


Product Code CB5KM
Size F70/14
Rim Width 6 - 7"
Section Width 8.75"
Overall Diameter 26.45"
Rolling Circumference 83.10"
Rev./Mile 762
Tread Width 6.55"
Sidewall Design .350" R/S
Max Load 1500 lbs. @ 32 psi
Tire Weight 25 lbs

1st Generation Camaro Note only – Read Carefully

14” Goodyear Tire Fitments

Goodyear Polyglas tires were first used and going forward in April of 1969. For Goodyear RWL fitments for vehicle build dates beginning in April 1969 thru October 1969 use Goodyear Polyglas SKU# CB5KL. November thru December of 1969, a running change was in place with Goodyear Polyglas installations. Thus either the CB5KL or CB5KJ may be used. As you see, this is encompassing the first half of the 1970 build year. Prior usage from 1967 thru March of 1969 was the Goodyear Speedway Wide Tread series.

15” Goodyear Tire Fitments

The Z28 cars of this generation are well defined. 1967 735/15 Red Line SKU# CBBMV. 1968 & 1969 Goodyear Speedway Wide Tread GT E70/15 RWL STK# CB3EX. 1970 – see running change note above. F60/15 RWL STK# CB4GF or CB4GG depending on vehicle build date. The F60/15 RWL STK# CB4GG was used from January 1970 thru the end of first generation O. E. bias fitments.

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